Synch law

The Project Overview

Synch is a law firm that specializes in helping startups and tech companies with their legal needs. Synch takes a strong stance against looking like your typical law firm, instead opting for a more colorful approach that matches the modern aesthetic of its clients. They needed a new website to better communicate these values.


Designer, Developer


Art direction

Synch is a law firm with a passion for helping its clients grow their businesses.

They wanted to create a website that would allow them to break through the clutter of traditional legal services. This to attract interesting clients such as tech-savvy entrepreneurs and startups - and at the same time not lose its appeal to larger traditional clients. 

To solve this I focused heavily on building sections that would illustrate the client journey and at the same time show Synch’s wide range of professional services. I also used modern illustrations to showcase their offering. 

Lastly, I wanted their employees to really stand out. That's why we used video portraits instead of regular stills, while also building a CMS that let Synch make a beautiful portfolio page for each new employee. The result was a site that they are proud of and can use as an effective marketing tool—one that's been praised by their clients as well as other businesses in similar industries who want to learn from their success.