The Project Overview

Högbo is a luxury hotel focused on outdoor activities and amazing local food. The Högbo website was in need of a major overhaul. The old site had become difficult to maintain and was not optimized for mobile devices. They needed a site that would look great on all devices, be easy for them to update and manage, and help them convert visitors into sales.

Live site
ℹ️ Note: The website has been updated since launch.




Brand uppdate

Högbo is a  hotel  focused on outdoor activities and amazing local food. They realized that they needed to make their UX more efficient. They wanted to convert more visitors into customers, especially as more and more people were visiting their website using mobile devices.

One challenge they had was prioritizing all of the different packages that they offer and display the right offer during different seasons for maximum retention. To solve this, I implemented new sections like a slider on the homepage where the marketing team can update offers and communicate better with incoming visitors. I also added the section “popular right now” on the start page to further enhance their ability to push seasonal promotions. 

One big issue was navigation, which had been lagging since the first implementation—it needed an overhaul. I put a lot of effort into the structure and sorting out the best layout possible enabling visitors to easily find what they were looking for without feeling overwhelmed by all the choices. Overall we managed to make changes to the entire website, helping the hotel to increase sales and optimize their communication.