The Project Overview

Coolprevent is a medtech startup that provide solutions that reduces the risk of oral mucositis (mouth sores), an effect of cancer treatment. With fresh FDA certification, they needed a website to enhance their offerings in the US market.


Designer, Developer


Art Direction

Coolprevent is a new and innovative solution that reduces the effect of cold sore lesions. The product is designed to help clinics treat patients much more effectively. Coolprevent partnered with me to create a website that captured its mission and messaging in a new and engaging way.

The focus was on building a clutter-free website that helped potential patients to find a solution to their problem. While at the same time inform and educate potential clinics on how to use the product in their hospital environment.  

The result was a structure focused on sales information, education around the product and showcasing the trust built by the results from well-documented trials. The website was designed around different types of visitors: potential patients, clinics, and doctors. Each section had its own goals and messaging, but all three pieces were connected through the same language and imagery.

I also helped to create an informative product video highlighting the strengths of the offer together with studio G40.